Donate now to support women and girls affected by the earthquakes

On February 6, two strong earthquakes struck southeast Turkey and northwest Syria. Over 3000 aftershocks have been reported. 
Thousands of people have lost their lives and tens of thousands were injured. These numbers rise every day. Those who have survived face extremely cold weather with big challenges in accessing shelter and food.
Timely assistance is needed to save lives and alleviate suffering. More marginalized populations — including women — were disproportionately negatively impacted by the earthquakes. Access to basic needs and services becomes more challenging and risks of gender-based or sexual violence increase.  Women and girls including breastfeeding and pregnant women need shelter and security to protect them against crises conditions.

How will my donation help?

UN Women has been able to work since the early hours to respond to the consequences of this disaster because we already had a presence in the region. We are in touch with women’s civil society organizations to continuously analyze the needs of women in the affected provinces and ensure they receive the urgent support they need.
UN Women is working with government agencies, NGOs, partners and other UN agencies to provide immediate lifesaving response to enable women to remain safe and cover their basic needs. This include – among others – psychosocial support and trauma assistance, emergency cash assistance, phone credits to women who are most vulnerable, and inter city transportation support from the affected areas.
In addition, in Turkey we are working with the provincial and municipal authorities to enable relocated women’s easy and safe access to public services, as well as support municipal Women’s Counselling Centers and other service providers to cope with the additional burden of providing services to women and girls in need.
While providing immediate assistance, UN Women is also focusing on the longer-term recovery response, which includes support to restore livelihoods and social services, including women’s safe spaces and service provision points. We work towards building not only women’s own resilience but also that of their families and communities.
Our priority is to ensure that affected women receive the urgent support they need. Please help UN Women reach more women in Turkey and Syria with the emergency assistance they need. Your contribution can make a difference. Donate today.