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The Future of STEM

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The topic at hand: The Future of STEM. Led by international and Chicago-based women STEM leaders who are changing the face of the field right now! 

We’ll engage with two panels, the international young leaders panel, a group of young women who are fearlessly committed to changing their communities through STEM, and the Chicago-based professionals who will expand on where the field is currently and what the future looks like for women in STEM.

Host: Mónica Fonseca, United Nations environmental ambassador, Colombian-American television presenter, journalist and blogger.



International Young Leaders Panel:

  • Adara Hagman, 18-year-old designer, activist, futurist, and writer.
  • Riya Mehta, 16-year-old global health developer.

Chicago-Based Professional in STEM Panel:

  • Dr. Lesley De Souza, Conservation biologist, and explorer at the Field Museum.
  • Dr. Krissa Skogen, Associate Conservation Scientist, and Adjunct Associate Professor, Northwestern University.
  • Dominique Tucker, a research scientist specializing in lab startups, immunology, and inflammation panel designs.
  • Urvi Purani, Senior Program Manager, Motorola.
  • Gabriela Voicu, software engineer and astrophysicist.

Special Guest:

  • Brittany Towers, food scientist, will be engaging in a virtual experiment with us!