UN Women Chicago is committed to organizing and launching campaigns that make an impact in the lives of women and girls everywhere. Learn more about our active global and local initiatives, access toolkits and resources, and more. Get involved!

End Child Marriage

UN Women Chicago is now a member of the National and Illinois Coaliton to end child marriage. In January, the chapter will begin its campaign to “End Child Marriage in IL #18NoExceptions.” We are calling for the end of child marriage in Illinois and around the globe. Click here for more information and to view membership. If you are in Illinois, please email your legislators and urge them to support this campaign. Click here to contact them.

Generation Equality

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, Generation Equality demands a equal pay, equal sharing of unpaid care and domestic work, an end to sexual harassment and all forms of violence against women and girls, health-care services that respond to their needs, and their equal participation in political life and decision-making in all areas of life.


HeForShe Campaign

HeForShe Campaign

Created by UN Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, the HeForShe solidarity movement for gender equality provides a systematic approach and targeted platform on which men and boys can engage and become change agents towards the achievement of gender equality. Achieving gender equality in our lifetimes requires an innovative, inclusive approach that both recognizes men and boys as partners for women’s rights, and acknowledges the ways in which they also benefit from this equality. HeForShe invites men and boys to build on the work of the women’s movement as equal partners, crafting and implementing a shared vision of gender equality that will benefit all of humanity.



Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces

The Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Flagship Initiative lays the groundwork for a sustainable approach to making cities safe and helps to build each programme to scale. To achieve results and sustainability, it engages women, men and boys working at the grass-roots level. 


"Stop the Robbery" Campaign

Stop the Robbery Equal Pay Campaign

#stoptherobbery is a campaign by UN Women that raises awareness of the gender pay gap. Globally, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men for work of equal value, effectively being “robbed.” The campaign calls for equal pay and women’s economic empowerment as part of achieving full gender equality.


16 Days of Activism

Orange the World

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign started at Rutgers University. It takes place each year and runs from 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day. It was originated by activists at the first Women's Global Leadership Institute in 1991 and is coordinated each year by the Center for Women's Global Leadership. It is used as an organizing strategy by individuals and organizations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.
In support of this civil society initiative, each year, the United Nations Secretary-General’s campaign Unite to End Violence against Women (UNiTE) calls for global action to increase worldwide awareness and create opportunities for discussion about challenges and solutions. In recent years, the UNiTE campaign has utilized the color orange as a unifying theme running through all of its global activities. 
Orange is one of the official colors of the Unite campaign and in the context of its global advocacy, is used as a symbol of a brighter future, free from violence against women and girls.