San Francisco Chapter: Global Voices Film Festival

The UN Women USA SF Global Voices Film Festival will hit the stage virtually from September 13th thru September 18th showcasing untold stories, fresh voices, and unique experiences of women around the world. The festival features 15 independent films—three feature-length films and 12 shorts— written, produced, and directed by groundbreaking women filmmakers. 


Support and watch as we host live streaming events on September 15 & September 18, 2021. The festival will also be up for View on Demand (VOD) from September 13 through September 18, 2021.


Global Voices Film Festival, presented by UN Women USA San Francisco, brings awareness to issues central to women’s lives around the world. Your ticket purchase or donation helps us raise funding that will support UN Women programs and their initiatives that promote social, political, and economic equality of women and girls across the world.


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