Gulf Coast Chapter

Who We Are

The Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women USA was founded in 1993, is based in Sarasota, Fla., and is one of the largest U.S. chapters. Our members, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters help us with our mission to raise community awareness about critical issues, as well as funds for UN Women, and we're well known for our annual events, like the Through Women's Eyes International Film Festival (mark your calendars for March 9-13, 2023!) and Women's Empowerment Walk.


Ongoing Events

Book Club: Meets the second Monday of every month for a discussion of books portraying women around the globe. Contact Leita Kaldi Davis at

NEW! Curious Feminist Social Club: Make a difference with local gender equity advocates. Meetings, post-work socials, and volunteer opportunities. 

Adopt-a-Road: Meet other members and do good at the same time. Bring family members. Easy and fun. Have you seen our sign around town?




UN Women USA Gulf Coast (GC)

UN Women USA Gulf Coast is a group of committed women and men who work to: 

  • Educate about gender issues worldwide 
  • Advocate on behalf of gender equity here and globally
  • Fundraise to support the valuable programs of UN Women

As a local chapter member, you help bring about change at the global level. The work is real and effective. Please support your chapter events and change the lives of women everywhere.


Real Work. Real Progress. 
Support women and girls around the world.

GC - Diversity Statement

July 1, 2020

The Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women USA is committed to encouraging membership and leadership that is diverse and inclusive.

UN Women believes that women are the product of their lived experiences. These experiences reflect a diverse array of religions, races, cultures, and sexual orientations. They shape who women become as individuals and as family and community members.

 It is our fundamental belief that when a range of diverse voices is heard, our Chapter is more productive, purposeful, and joyful. Through the efforts of women and men who reflect our entire community, we are better able to achieve our goals and provide our members with enriching, fulfilling life experiences.

Why become a member of UN Women USA?

Around the world, governments, corporations, families, and individuals are realizing the universal benefits of gender equity, and UN Women is the neutral, global voice for Gender Equity.
UN Women works with member state governments, regardless of political orientation, investing in women's economic empowerment, increasing women's political participation, and making sure women's needs are equally represented in the allocation of public services.
The need for UN Women programs has never been more in demand and the Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women USA is stepping up to meet the challenge! All proceeds from GCC activities go to support UN Women.
For membership information:
If you are interested in participating in the work of the GCC chapter, please email