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A Call For Peace: Helping Ethiopian, Tigray Refugee Women & Girls in Crisis

Women, men, and children have been crossing the border at the rate of 4,000 per day since 10 November, rapidly overwhelming the humanitarian response capacity on the ground. Many are women and at least 45 percent of Ethiopian refugees, arriving daily into neighboring Sudan, are children. According to UNHCR, men, women, and children have been walking for days and crossing the river to flee the violence in Tigray.


About the Event

UN Women USA LA invites you to the panel a Call For Peace: Helping Ethiopian, Tigray Refugee Women, and Girls in Crisis.

#Call4Peace will highlight Ethiopian voices: academics, activists, and local community leaders, addressing the growing need for action to save lives. Panel attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the current events and circumstances of those fleeing violence. This event will take place on December 16, from 7-9 PM PDT. Register through Eventbrite.


Featured Panelists

Dr. Tsega Gebreyesus - Mixed-methods Researcher specializing in the field of Global Health. She has worked extensively in diverse contexts throughout Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East with various governmental and non-governmental agencies, including but not limited to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Catholic Relief Services and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Samuel M. Gebru - Ethiopian American social entrepreneur. Managing Director of Black Lion Strategies and longtime advocate for stronger U.S.-Ethiopia relations.

Meaza Gidey - Co-Founder of the #Yikono Movement which strives to create a Tigray where men and women are equally respected, particularly by creating awareness around Gender-based violence and working on its prevention. The #Yikono Movement has been very successful in helping vulnerable women during the COVID-19 crisis by establishing emergency shelters, which care for women and children. #Yikono aims to transform these women’s lives by helping them start businesses and establish financial independence.


Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen, Ambassador for UN Women USA LA. works to engage with local, state, and national political and business leaders to advance women and girls' rights internationally and domestically.

Christina Sara, UN Women USA LA member and International, Comparative Law school graduate from Los Angeles. While in graduate school, she worked in the human rights program at Uganda Christian University. Christina’s dissertation was on International Migration: The Case of Ethiopian Women in San Jose, CA. She is a proud member of UN Women USA LA and is looking forward to representing Ethiopia as a representative on the Delegate roundtable as she devotes most of her free time to raise awareness for those in need.


About UN Women USA LA

UN Women USA Los Angeles is a diverse community of thoughtful, engaged Angelenos committed to supporting all women and girls in the Los Angeles region and beyond. We focus on innovative engagement to spread UN Women's cause and its message of equity and gender equality.


Background on the Crisis Tigray Refugee Women and Girls are Facing

Learn more about what the United Nations is doing in Sudan and the assistance provided to arriving refugees. #CrisisDuringCovid is to bear the most difficult of circumstances. UNHCR has reported that 4,000+ Ethiopian refugees have been arriving daily into Sudan over the last 3 weeks. UNICEF stated, "The first thing that we noticed is about 45% of refugees are children," of those escaping the violence in the rapidly evolving conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Families fleeing seek food and water after trekking several days to cross the border; most have come with nothing. Due to unexpected dramatic cuts in funding and a surge of new arrivals to the Kassala region of Sudan, UNHCR, WFP, and other agencies have made a plea for funding to provide the crucial humanitarian assistance needed.


Virtual Event Platform

This event is being held online as a Zoom Video Webinar. Attendees will receive an email with the link to join the webinar before the event.


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Activist $5 | Advocate $25 | Community Builder $50

This event is free, and donations are encouraged. Your generous donations from this event will go towards UN Women’s Emergency fund.

You may also donate by texting “ACALL4PEACE” to 917-924-8065, or by visiting our campaign page: https://snwbl.it/02gUkU


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