Volunteer Opportunities

We have volunteer and leadership opportunities in following areas.  E-mail us at northcarolina@unwomen-usnc.org if you are interested.  


The primary responsibility of this committee will be to raise fund to support UN Women projects that span over 100 countries around the globe.  UN Women provides grants and technical support to NGOs across the world to provide social, political and economic equality for women and girls around the world.  The fundraising will be done by:
*Finding creative ways to incorporate fundraising into our planned events
*Formulating an ongoing fundraising activity that raises money throughout the year
*Looks for corporate and individual sponsors interested in large scale donations


The membership committee will be dedicated to supporting the board in reaching the membership goals set for the year by:
*Looking for outside events that are in line with the goals of UN Women to have an information table with opportunities to become a member
*Networking with local organizations and groups with monthly meetings for a possible member drive
*Working with the Event and Public Relations and Partnerships committee to include membership as a primary goal


The Advocacy committee will follow the active campaigns of U.S. National Committee for UN Women and encourage the citizens of North Carolina to become actively involved in using their voice by:
*Educating North Carolina citizens on the facts of the campaign
*Creating enthusiasm for taking action by writing letters, making phone calls, and using social media
*Sharing with the participants the impact of their involvement


The committee of Public Relations and Partnerships will foster important relationships that assist in the board in meeting their secondary purpose of connecting the citizens of North Carolina with opportunities to directly empower women and girls globally by:
*Creating opportunities for our members to become involved in initiatives that are empowering women and girls globally
*Finding connections between UN Women and the partnerships being created
*Incorporating these new formed relationships into our events
*Create and manage the speakers' bureau to represent NC Chapter of U.S. National Committee for UN Women


This committee will be responsible for organizing events that are inspiring, interactive, and empowering.  This will be accomplished by:
*Creating a diverse array of event ideas that will be of interest to a variety of different groups
*Utilizing the other committees for advertising and incorporation of their information
*Developing plans and logistics for each event
*Develop and manage the promotion plan for each event