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Happy New Decade!

Kate Byrne

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! 2020 is a pivotal year in many ways. We are only 10 years away from the Sustainable Development Goal achievement deadline. Even more relevant to our community, 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action that was spawned at the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women.  

Thirty-one thousand women from 200 countries gathered together from August 30 to September 16 1995 with one goal in mind, to advance the status of women and achieve equality, development and peace for all. It was clear an action plan was necessary.

The group toiled away during the two weeks to finalize the Platform for Action - no small feat as the draft was rift with issues ranging from language, health, parental rights in relation to children’s rights, inheritance and more. On the final day of the conference the group presented a true achievement - an agreed upon document that laid out the steps for the leadership of the world to take. It passed unanimously. The late Bella Abzug, never one to mince words shared, “ imperfect though it may be, the platform is the strongest consensus on women’s equality, empowerment and justice ever produced by the world’s governments”.

So this is all well and good, but what does it really mean? What made this more special than any other well meaning document, manifesto, guideline document that had been created in the past? This was different - country governments had to commit to making specific commitments for implementation before leaving Beijing - and they did - and have continued to update their commitments over the past 25 years.

Now it’s our turn here on the ground. What are we doing to hold ourselves accountable? 

We are kicking off the new decade on a note of 2020 clarity. What are we getting clear on?  

  • We need to choose with our feet. Step into your power by joining us on 1/18 at the SF Women’s March(hyperlink to info of where we are meeting etc). 

  •  We need to choose with our voice. Let your thoughts be heard by voting in the June primary and the November election. Do you have something you think our community would like to hear and learn from? By all means, please submit to us (link here)and we can help amplify your thoughts.

  • We need to choose with our wallets. Show your support of the companies and products who honestly support women and those identifying as women, be they as vendors, suppliers, employees, or partners.

When we act in a unified fashion, then we can truly make an impact in the world around us. This impact starts with some very simple, very basic actions. When combined with those of our broader community the wheels of transformation begin to turn. We have more power than we know about. It’s time for us to acknowledge this and get busy with it!

Looking forward to changing the world together in this new year. 



President 2019-2021

In March, some of our Board were Delegates to the UN’s 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62). Our VP of Partnerships & Policy Keshet Bachan wrote our position statement on achieving women’s full participation in and access to the media and information and communications technologies. This led to UN Women’s selecting us to make an intervention at the Interactive Expert Panel on Innovative Data Approaches for Measuring Progress on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment where our Treasurer Shaun Chaudhuri spoke eloquently on our behalf.

On July 26, we will hold our Annual Community Meeting with a VERY special VIP honoree, TIME Magazine 2017 Person of the Year and “Silence Breaker” Adama Iwu, and other wonderful guests, so stay tuned for more on that exciting event too.
Meanwhile, please support UN Women by becoming a member if you haven’t yet (tax deductible!), or renew as a monthly giver, and be sure to fill out our volunteer form and tell us about yourself so we can put you to work doing something we need and you love!
In #ShesGotHerBack sisterhood,
Amy Logan
President of the Board
UN Women USA, San Francisco Bay Area

Fall 2017 Chapter Update: Letter from the President

Dear Members & Friends,
Happy Fall! The Board of the SF Chapter of UN Women USA is feeling extraordinarily grateful after pulling off our largest fundraiser to date, our Global Voices Film Festival! Thanks to all of you who attended and/or volunteered, we were able to expand the Bay Area’s awareness of the power of female filmmaking as well as the hurdles these women face because of institutional bias and discrimination. And, of course, the funds we raised will support UN Women’s life-changing programs globally! (Enjoy some pictures below.) 
Please join us in our just-launched social media campaign #ShesGotHerBack, highlighting the inspiring stories of women supporting other women. My inaugural announcement has picked up some traction and I invite you to take a look and share it to your own networks. Then, once a week, make a post wherever you hang out online using #ShesGotHerBack
We are collaborating directly with UN Women’s global headquarters in New York on some very exciting new initiatives and events here in the Bay, so stay tuned to more announcements on our next projects you can get involved with! 
In sisterhood!
Amy Logan

UN Women Global Voices Film Festival: Award winners announced!

The reviews are in—the festival was a runaway smash hit! The sold-out Global Voices Film Festival, held Sept. 16 at Lucasfilm Premier Theater, presented groundbreaking new work by emerging and established women filmmakers. For the first time, Global Voices Film Festival hosted a virtual reality (VR) event: Lived Stories: Women in VR Showcase, featuring five VR films by women filmmakers. We were thrilled to provide women filmmakers with a platform to showcase their fresh voices and unique stories, and champion equal representation of gender in film.
Best 360/VR Film: Notes to My Father 
Best Experimental Short Film: Iridescence  
Best Narrative Short Film: He Said  
Best Full Feature Film: What Tomorrow Brings 

Spring 2017 Chapter Update: Letter from the President

Dear Members & Friends, Happy Spring! The SF Chapter of UN Women USA has a lot going on right now! Board of Directors elections, film fest and Silicon Valley Gender Equality Summit planning, annual membership meeting coming up soon…Four of our board members, including me, were honored to be delegates to the UN’s 61st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in March in New York. We got to participate in talks about the challenges, progress and future of women’s economic empowerment in the workplace and meet leaders of UN Women and the UN! The highlight for me was getting to speak one-on-one with Amina J. Mohammed, the new Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, a brilliant Muslim feminist mother of six from Nigeria. She was delighted to hear about our chapter’s forthcoming events and appreciative of our efforts to fundraise for UN Women. Let’s keep up the great work! Amy LoganPresidentUN Women USA SF

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It's been a banner year for our chapter. Since the end of 2015, we've tripled our membership and increased funds by 4600%—surpassing our two-year benchmark in under a year. The national board of directors of UN Women USA for UN Women honored our chapter with an award for outstanding achievement during the Annual Board Meeting last June in New York. We're growing exponentially, and we couldn't do it without you! Join us today and learn how you can get involved next year.

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