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Racial Equity Needs to Happen Every Day

Kate Byrne

Not just one month out of the year. As one friend stated to me, racial equity is an every second, of every hour of every day of the year need. 

February is Black History Month during which we pay homage to many of the great leaders who have been doing the hard work to help the world achieve greater racial equity. It should come as no surprise that many of the hardest working and most impactful efforts have been achieved by women, stepping into their power and using their voice and social capital to mobilize the movements driving change. 

But each of us can drive change every day as well, by embodying the change we want to see. By ensuring that we are sharing the mic with those who don’t often have access to it. By making sure that our companies, the leaders within and our teams are engaging in diverse hiring practices. Does your company look like the community around it? Do you work with colleagues who are different from you? On a personal level, is the language you use inclusive?  

The UN Women SF Chapter is using the reflective time that Winter presents us to ask ourselves these questions. We ourselves are a diverse group, but we can do better, we can always do better and are pushing ourselves to do so with our upcoming programming. 

  • March 10 - Real Moms of Silicon Valley - film
  • May 7 - Empowered Communication Work
  • June 18 - Summer Fundraiser
  • September - Global Voices Film Festival

We are finalizing 2 author nights as well. We hope you can join us at any or all of these events in the coming months. 

Looking forward to changing the world together in this new year. 



UN Women USA SF Chapter

2020 Events

Are you hoping to get involved with women’s empowerment? Come join us at one of our 2020 UN Women - San Francisco chapter events!

Real Moms of Silicon Valley Screening

Movie nigh

Come join us for snacks, drinks and a chance to watch Real Moms of Silicon Valley, a film about motherhood and careers on Tuesday, March 10th from 5:30-9:30 PM at the Google Community Space.

About the film: A lot of us women (and men) struggle with juggling work and family, and modern families are increasingly choosing to have kids later in life, if at all. This documentary film features heartfelt and inspiring stories of Silicon Valley women who are prominent tech executives with supportive husbands, single working moms, a stay-at-home mom, someone who took 17 years off to raise kids and re-entered the workforce and so on. This film shows different ways of defining success & happiness, setting priorities and making tradeoffs because there is no one right solution and it’s important to know your options.

Register here.

Empowered Communication for Women Workshop

Women Workshop

Our very own board member, Marilyn Cornelius, will be facilitating an empowered communication workshop for women!

Join us Wednesday, May 7th from 7-9 PM at the Google Community Space.

Check out event details here

Summer Solstice Fundraising gala

UN Women San Francisco Chapter members!

We will be hosting a summer solstice fundraising event Thursday, July 18th.

Come wine and dine with us!

Stay tuned for more information...

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Global Voices Film Festival Coming this Fall

UN Women San Francisco Chapter Volunteers!

Global Voices Film Festival exhibits films that spotlight the unique voices, stories and experiences of women.

The festival, now in its fourth year, supports emerging and established female producers, directors and writers, who are creating some of the most compelling and groundbreaking work in cinema. Stay tuned for information!

Want to join us? Sign up here

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