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Dear UN Women USA - SF Bay Area Chapter Community

We are deeply saddened by the state of the country. The racially charged acts of violence, hate, and loss of life perpetrated on the black community are unfathomable. We unequivocally condemn all forms of racist acts of violence, and the systemic racial injustices that communities of color face across the country and the world every day. It appears not only in our streets but in the COVID-19 healthcare disparities we are witnessing in communities of color. This injustice and inequity must stop. We feel outraged and deeply saddened by the systemic racism, oppression, and inequities in the United States. Black lives matter. 


UN Women has long been a global advocate for those whose voices all too often fall silent. We recognize that non-racism is not the same as anti-racism and we are committed to speaking out against and fighting racially motivated violence.


What can you do? How can you help? Here are a few suggestions:


  • You can sign this petition to put pressure on Minneapolis officials to prosecute the people involved with George Floyd’s murder (currently 4,3 million signatures)

  • Sign this petition demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

  • Reach out to your black colleagues, friends and neighbors - listen and learn.

  • Speak out against racist remarks (both publicly and privately) and commit to being a better ally 


  • Commit to dismantling racism through self education and by reading anti-racism literature

  • Further build upon your learnings through podcasts and films

Relieve Stress: 

  • Chat with a friend or family member about your feelings

  • Start a gratitude journal 

  • Explore ways of reducing your stress and cultivating inner peace, such as meditation

  • Speak with your therapist or coach 


This will require all to stand side by side, arm in arm, heart with heart to right this deep, deep wrong. We stand with those who are peacefully and bravely taking a stand, and are raising their voices to drive the much needed change required if we are to thrive as a country and as a world.


We wish you and those dear to you peace, safety, and love.


In Solidarity,

UN Women SF Chapter


Kate Byrne • Sydney Coleman • Bibiana Gutiérrez • Laetitia Lee

Shaun Chaudhuri Priya Kumar • Smita Rajmohan • Tasnoba Nusrat   

Tamar Zimmerman  • Daphne de Jong  •  Nuray Özbay


2020 Events

2020 UN Women - SF Chapter Events Postponed. The COVID-19 response is UN Women’s #1 priority in this time of dire need.

We are responding to this crisis by reaching out and sharing information for our communities. UN Women has long been the global advocate for women during times of crisis, and today the work of UN Women is needed more than ever. We will share information on the work of UN Women on the ground during COVID-19. UN Women is a voice for women health care workers, for care providers, for refugees, and for the displaced. UN Women will address the disproportionate economic impact on women’s livelihoods, to battle the upswing in domestic violence under quarantine, and the reduced access to justice, health services, and education.

Global Voices Film Festival Has Been Postponed

UN Women San Francisco Chapter Volunteers!

Global Voices Film Festival exhibits films that spotlight the unique voices, stories and experiences of women. Our 4th Global Voices Film Festival is postponed until COVID-19 subsides. 

Please feel free to contact us at for any questions. 

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UN Women is the United Nations entity responsible for advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality. UN Women USA is one of 14 national committees that supports UN Women in their mission towards gender equality and the empowerment of women globally through fundraising, advocacy, and education. The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is one of 11 chapters in the US.

By donating today, you are making an impact and supporting the transformative work of UN Women to educate and empower women and girls around the world. Thank you for your support.   

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